Kissan Grape Squash Bottle, 750 ml

Kissan Grape Squash Bottle, 750 ml

  • Made with 100% real fruit ingredients
  • Is easy to pour and can have it on a hot summer day
  • Enjoy it best with iced tea, milk shake or lassi
  • Turns boring drink into interesting fruity one
  • Burst of real fruits in every sip
  • Carefully sealed in impermeable packaging to retain the best flavour and taste of product


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Packed with real Grape juice, Kissan Grape Squash has a delightful refreshing taste. Just mix one part of Kissan Grape Squash with three and half parts of chilled water or soda and enjoy a delicious glass of nature’s goodness.Kissan Grape squash provides yummy on the go breakfast on a hot summer morning. Think of different ways to drink it in. Stirred in milkshake, or add to your iced tea, or lassi to give a delight for your kids’ breakfast with an assortment of flavours. This can be your answer to a cool refershing drink on a hot sunny day. Kissan Grape Squash is real fruits ka mazaa har sip mein!! Started in 1934, Kissan is a popular brand in India. Kissan is more than just jams, ketchups and squashes. It’s all about kids eating happily & growing up happily. Kissan Jam’s yummy and fruit based sweet spread keeps both, mothers & kids happy. The brand’s reassurance to mothers is that they can make breakfast times fun yet wholesome every morning with the Kissan range of fruit jams that are made with 100% real fruit ingredients! Remember craving something utterly sweet? This is your answer to that in a packed in a bottle.


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