Dev Paurash Jeevan Capsuls (Pack Of 5)


Dev Paurash Jeevan Capsuls (Pack Of 5)

  • Paurush Jeevan capsule is a poly herbal combination to increase rate & support the weight gain activity.
  • Paurush Jeevan which gives more energy naturally from the food you take and thereby increases the bulk and weight of your body.
  • Capsules – 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening .

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As the saying goes “Health is wealth”, regular intake of Paurush Jeevan actually benefits the body in the following ways: Makes body healthy, Energetic, Active & Fit.

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  • Capsules Form
  • Suitable For: Vegetarian
  • Pack of 5
  • Working: Paurush Jivan Capsules aggravates liver function in releasing bile juices (which are necessary for digestion of food) which in turn helps in better digestion of fats. This proper digestion of fat in body makes you energetic and removes indolence caused due to excessive fat accumulation, Further it cures gastrointestinal diseases as the herbs in it stimulates gastrointestinal track i.e. release of enzyme for food digestion. The more the enzymes released the better digestion is there, which further improves better absorption of nutrients especially proteins (after digestion) resulting in growth of cells & tissues of body. Normally, most of the above mentioned complications arise when the body is unable to extract nutrients from the food taken. The herbs present in Paurush Jeevan Capsulesworks over the necessary parts in the body which are involved in this digestion & extraction process like Liver, Stomach & Intestines, and I.e. Paurush Jeevan stimulates and assist them in their proper function. Consequently when the tissue of the body starts getting all the necessary nutrients, commences sagging day by day.For Stomach & Liver problems:-
    Implemental in Hepatitis, indigestion, Stomachache, Flatulence, Loss of appetite, Gastritis and other gastrointestinal problems.Dose: One Capsule of Paurush Jeevan thrice a day after meal.Tips and warnings

    • Stop taking the medicine in case of allergy. In case any of the side effects becomes, bothersome, consult an physician immediately.
    • Smoking and other narcotics restricted.
    • Avoid the use of alcohol as far as possible.
    • Consult with your doctor the effects of Paurush Jivan if administered with other medications.

    Diet & Restriction: Easily digestive soft & nourishing food is advised. Avoid red chillies, sour stuits and fried food, excess sweets and molasses, pulses as far as possible.

    Active herb present in Paurush Jeevan:

    • Eclipta Alba Hassk-40 mg,
    • Terminalia-arjuna Linn- 40 mg
    • Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn-30 mg
    • Syzgium Aromaticum Linn-10 mg
    • Piper Longum Linn-30 mg.
    • Zingiber-officinal Rose-10 mg,
    • Shilajeet-20 mg,
    • Plumbago Zeylanica Linn-10 mg,
    • Cuminum-cyminum Linn-20 mg
    • Myristica-fragrans Houtt-30 mg,
    • Holarrhena-antidysenterica Linn-10 mg,
    • Solanum-nigrum Linn 10 mg,
    • Tamarix-troupiiHole-20 mg.
    • Asparagus-adscendens Roxb-30 mg,
    • Asp-aragus-racemosus Willd-50 mg,
    • Mucuna-prurita Hook-30 mg,
    • Lohbhasma-04 mg.
    • Bangbhasma-06 mg,
    • Crocus-sativus Linn-10 mg,
    • Withania-somnifera Dunal-50 mg,
    • Emblicaofficinalis Gaertn-10mg,
    • Terminalia-chebula Retz-30 mg.


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