Isotine Eye Drop 10ml (Pack of 6)


Isotine Eye Drop 10ml (Pack of 6)

    • Beneficial herbs (Natural & ayurvedic eye drops)
  • Keeps your eyes fresh, clear, and strain-free.
  • Improves Vision, Safe, No side effects
  • Using Isotine – 3-4 times 2 drops in each eye
  • PLEASE NOTE: We dispatch it through India Post – EMS International Speed Post Service. You must receive it within 15 days of dispatch.

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  • Description


Using Isotine eye tonic is quiet is simple. For best results; use 2 drops of Isotine in each eye 4 times daily. If you were in the external atmosphere, please wash your eyes with fresh water before using nicotine. Although there is no restriction on food, we recommend less use of non-veg, alcohol, and spices. If possible eat mama Giri badam (almonds), drink carrot juice daily. This will help in the improvement of vision.

Keeps Eyes Healthy, Clean And Clear. Helps In Improving EyeSight. Relieving Itching, Redness, Burning And Watering In Eyes. It Provides Nourishment To The Eyes And Protects From Harmful Effects Of Pollution, Light(Uv Rays, T.V., Mobile Screen Light Etc). It Helps To Alleviate Dryness Of Eyes.