Hamdard Arq Gawzaban 500ml

Hamdard Arq Gawzaban 500ml

Arq Gawzaban provide strength to the heart and relieves palpitation. Also recommended in diseases of the brain. Reduces fever and quenches thirst.
Very useful to normalize heart beat, palpitation, strenthens heart.


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About Sharbat Anjabar
This is Unani herbal drug combination and it is useful in diarrhoea with blood. Also useful in haemoptysis and bleeding from other parts of the body. Strengthens the stomach and liver and reduces fever.

Indications of Sharbat Anjabar
Diarrhoea, Epistaxis, Fever, Haematuria, Haemoptysis, Liver Dysfunction, Menorrhagia, Weakness of Stomach

Ingredients of Sharbat Anjabar
Polygonum bistorta (Bekhe Anjabar) 2.875 gSugar 25 gPreservative

Dosage of Sharbat Anjabar
25 ml Sharbat Anjbar to be mixed with water and can be given twice in a day.

Precautions of Sharbat Anjabar
keep away from children’s reach.
Do not over dose the medicine.
Self medication is not recommended.
Store in dry and cool place.
Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
Keep medicine in original package and container.


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