Cadila Skin Shine Cream- 15g


Cadila Skin Shine Cream- 15g

A unique formulation that firms and tightens the skin along with protection from dark spots. Benefits- * It keeps your skin moisture and reduces the appearance of dark spots * It also improves skin cell renewal * It reduces the production of melanin which helps to lighten the skin tone.

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 The active ingredients in this cream penetrate deep into your pores to give your skin a healthy and glowing finish * The cream is composed to tackle hyperpigmentation of skin providing you with natural fairness over time * It also removes potential oxidizing agents from your skin Key How To Use:- * Wash your face and pat dry. * Apply the cream on the face with gentle aging strokes. at least 15 mins before going out in sun after cleansing your face. Net Weight:- 15gm


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