Ambic Nav Paurush 30 Caps. & amp; 30 Tabs.


Ambic Nav Paurush 30 Caps. & amp; 30 Tabs.

  • The regular use of medicinal herbs present in Nav Paurush capsule increases diet and weight and gives a new glow on the face by accelerates metabolic activity
  •  Ayurvedic 30 Capsules &  30 Tablets
  •  Pure Herbs

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Nav Paurush CapsuleIs very effective to those who suffers feebleness, lean & thin physique despite good diet, have to do mental & physical labor for whole of the day but feels dullness & tiresome all the while or even after slight exertion, those who experience dryness or insipidity in skin, dark contours & hollowness around eyes, weight loss constantly, giddiness and blurred vision.

Normally, most of the above-mentioned complications arise when the body is unable to extract nutrients from the food taken. The herbs present in Nav Paurush works over the necessary parts in the body which are involved in the digestion & extraction process like Liver, Stomach & Intestines, i.e. it stimulates and assists them in their proper function. Consequently when the tissue of the body starts getting all the necessary nutrients, commences sagging day by day.

The use of Hepotab Tablet with Nav Paurush capsule stimulates liver functioning, corrects the generation, secretion of bile, removes constipation, improves appetite, digestion & ensures better assimilation. Stimulates activity of heart, hence clears liver, kidney & strengthen overall body tissue

Dosage should be regular with a good diet for better results. Healthy people should not take it or take it irregularly. One Tablet & one capsule twice a day with milk or water, or as directed by the physician.


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